ICCBR 2024: 32nd International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2024)

July 1-4 Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

title authors Presentation
Integrating kNN Retrieval with Inference on Graphical Models in Case-Based Reasoning Luigi Portinale Oral
Updating Global Similarity Measures in Learning CBR Systems Stuart Gallina Ottersen and Kerstin Bach Poster
Even-Ifs From If-Onlys: Are the Best Semi-Factual Explanations Found Using Counterfactuals As Guides? Saugat Aryal and Mark T. Keane Oral
Improving Complex Adaptations in Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning by Applying Rule-Based Adaptation Lukas Malburg, Maxim Hotz and Ralph Bergmann Poster
Visualization of similarity models for CBR comprehension and maintenance Guillermo Jimenez-Diaz and Belén Díaz-Agudo Oral
Use Case-Specific Reuse of XAI Strategies: Design and Analysis Through An Evaluation Metrics Library Marta Caro-Martínez, Jesús M. Darias, Belen Diaz-Agudo and Juan A. Recio-García Oral
An Empirical Analysis of User Preferences Regarding XAI metrics Jesus Darias, Betül Bayrak, Marta Caro-Martinez, Belen Diaz-Agudo and Juan Antonio Recio-Garcia Oral
CBR-Ren: A Case-Based Reasoning Driven Retriever-Generator Model for Hybrid Long-form Numerical Reasoning Boda Feng, Hui Gao, Peng Zhang and Jing Zhang Poster
A Case-based Reasoning and Explaining Model for Temporal Point Process Bingqing Liu Poster
Extracting Indexing Features for CBR from Deep Neural Networks: A Transfer Learning Approach Zachary Wilkerson, David Leake, Vibhas Vats and David Crandall Oral
Ensemble Stacking Case-Based Reasoning for Regression Daniel Soto, Marie-Laure Betbeder and Julien Henriet Poster
Retrieval Augmented Generation with LLMs for Explaining Business Process Models Mirjam Minor and Eduard Kaucher Oral
The Intelligent Tutoring System AI-VT with Case-Based Reasoning and Real Time Recommender Models Daniel Soto, Simha Ackermann, Julien Henriet and Marie-Laure Betbeder Poster
Explaining Multiple Instances Counterfactually: User Tests of Group-Counterfactuals for XAI Greta Warren, Eoin Delaney, Christophe Guéret and Mark Keane Poster
Olaaaf: a General Adaptation Prototype Erwan Diebold, Yan Kabrit, Axel Kril, Jean Lieber, Paul Malvaud, Emmanuel Nauer and Jules Sipp Oral
Identifying Missing Sensor Values in IoT Time Series Data: A Weight-Based Extension of Similarity Measures for Smart Manufacturing Alexander Schultheis, Lukas Malburg, Joscha Grüger, Justin Weich, Yannis Betrand, Ralph Bergmann and Estefanía Serral Asensio Poster
Examining the potential of sequence patterns from EEG data as alternative case representation for seizure detection Jonah Fernandez, Guillem Hernández Guillamet, Cristina Montserrat, Bianca Innocenti and Beatriz López Poster
Towards a Case-Based Support for Responding Emergency Calls Lisa Grumbach, Alexander Winzig and Ralph Bergmann Oral
CBRkit: An Intuitive Case-Based Reasoning Toolkit for Python Mirko Lenz, Lukas Malburg and Ralph Bergmann Oral
Experiential questioning for VQA Ruben Gómez Blanco, Adrián Pérez Peinador, Adrián Sanjuan Espejo, Antonio A. Sánchez-Ruiz and Belen Diaz-Agudo Oral
Autocompletion of Architectural Spatial Configurations using Case-Based Reasoning, Graph Clustering, and Deep Learning Viktor Eisenstadt, Christoph Langenhan, Jessica Bielski, Ralph Bergmann and Klaus-Dieter Althoff Oral
A Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Post-Injury Training Recommendations for Marathon Runners Ciara Feely, Brian Caulfield, Aonghus Lawlor and Barry Smyth Oral
Towards Network Implementation of CBR: Case Study of a Neural Network K-NN Algorithm Xiaomeng Ye, David Leake, Yu Wang, Ziwei Zhao and David Crandall Oral
Aligning to Human Decision-Makers in Military Medical Triage Matthew Molineaux, Rosina Weber, Michael Floyd, David Menager, Othalia Larue, Ursula Addison, Ray Kulhanek, Noah Reifsnyder, Christopher Rauch, Mallika Mainali, Anik Sen, Prateek Goel, Justin Karneeb, Jt Turner and John Meyer Oral
Counterfactual-Based Synthetic Case Generation Anik Sen, Mallika Mainali, Christopher Rauch, Ursula Addison, Michael Floyd, Prateek Goel, Justin Karneeb, Ray Kulhanek, Othalia Larue, David Ménager, Matthew Molineaux, Jt Turner and Rosina Weber Oral
On Implementing Case-Based Reasoning with Large Language Models Kaitlynne Wilkerson and David Leake Poster
Using Case-Based Causal Reasoning to Provide Explainable Counterfactual Diagnosis in Personalized Sprint Training Dandan Cui, Jianwei Guo, Ping Liu and Xiangning Zhang Poster
Item-Specific Similarity Assessments for Explainable Depression Screening Mauricio Gabriel Orozco-del-Castillo, Juan Antonio Recio-Garcia and Esperanza Carolina Orozco-del-Castillo Oral
CBR-RAG: Case-Based Reasoning for Retrieval Augmented Generation in LLMs for Legal Question Answering Nirmalie Wiratunga, Ramitha Abeyratne, Lasal Jayawardena, Kyle Martin, Stewart Massie, Ikechukwu Nkisi-Orji, Ruvan Weerasinghe, Anne Liret and Bruno Fleisch Oral